BIS Advisor = Business Information Systems Advisor

Our main objective is to develop a successful partnership with our customers, understand their IT and business environment, use that knowledge to enhance the value derived from current and future IT investments, and act as a key influencer of their strategic and architectural direction.

We have the experience to assess your existing assets and suggest a reliable business solution, from research through deployment.

Advisory Services

When providing advisory services to our clients, we focus on:

Improving operational IT performance and delivery;

Financial management and cost control of IT;

IT Governance (Information security, risk and project management), business architecture with aligning IT with business needs.

  • The BIS advisor will probe for important information about your current assets, issues, and challenges, and will ask about the growth and direction of your company.

  • The BIS advisor will design cost-effective, scalable solutions that help you maximize your technology investment today and in the future.

  • The BIS advisor will educate you; cutting through the jargon to provide relevant, concise information about the technology you should and should not be considering—and why.